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  • Amazon SNS now supports selecting the origination number when sending SMS messages 23. oktober 2020
    When using Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) to send text messages (SMS) to your customers, you now have the option of selecting the origination number to use. Origination numbers are the phone numbers that Amazon SNS will use to send your SMS message, such as short codes and long codes.
  • AWS Copilot CLI launches v0.5 to let users deploy scheduled jobs and more 23. oktober 2020
    Today, the AWS Copilot CLI for Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) launched version 0.5.0. Starting with this release, you can deploy applications or jobs that need to run only on a particular schedule. AWS Copilot has built in timeouts and retries to provide more flexibility for how your scheduled jobs run. AWS Copilot will […]
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL Supports Minor Version 8.0.21 23. oktober 2020
    Amazon RDS for MySQL has been updated to support release 8.0.21 of the MySQL database. This release includes a number of bug fixes as well as functionality improvements.
  • Introducing the AWS Load Balancer Controller 23. oktober 2020
    The ALB Ingress Controller is now the AWS Load Balancer Controller, and includes support for both Application Load Balancers and Network Load Balancers. The new controller enables you to simplify operations and save costs by sharing an Application Load Balancer across multiple applications in your Kubernetes cluster, as well as using a Network Load Balancer to […]
  • Amazon EKS is now FedRAMP-Moderate compliant 23. oktober 2020
    Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) clusters running in standard AWS regions are now compliant with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Moderate baseline.  
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Snapshot Export to S3 available in additional regions 22. oktober 2020
    You can now export Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) or Amazon Aurora snapshots to Amazon S3 as Apache Parquet format in additional regions. Parquet is an efficient open columnar storage format for analytics and is up to 2x faster to export and consumes up to 6x less storage in Amazon S3, compared to other […]
  • Amazon CloudFront announces support for public key management through IAM user permissions for signed URLs and signed cookies 22. oktober 2020
    Amazon CloudFront announces that you can now manage public keys used for signed URLs and signed cookies through Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) based user permission, without requiring the AWS root account. With the IAM user permissions based public key management, you get more flexibility and API access to manage your public keys.
  • Amazon Redshift now supports the scheduling of SQL queries by integrating with Amazon EventBridge 22. oktober 2020
    Amazon Redshift now allows you to schedule your SQL queries for executions in recurring schedules and enables you to build event-driven applications by integrating with Amazon EventBridge. You can now schedule time sensitive or long running queries, loading or unloading your data, or refreshing your materialized views on a regular schedule.
  • Amazon SNS introduces First-in-First-out (FIFO) topics with strict ordering and deduplication of messages 22. oktober 2020
    You can now use Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) FIFO topics, in combination with Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) FIFO queues, to build applications that require messages to be sent and processed in a strict sequence and without duplicates. SNS FIFO is intended for customer use cases where it is critical to maintain […]
  • AWS App Mesh supports cross account sharing of ACM Private Certificate Authority 22. oktober 2020
    In August 2020, Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM) launched a feature to share Certificate Authorities (CA) between AWS accounts using AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM). With today’s launch, App Mesh customers will be able to use a certificate authority shared with their AWS account while configuring TLS between services in their mesh.  

RSS Google Cloud

  • Preparing for peak holiday shopping in 2020: War rooms go virtual 23. oktober 2020
    As retail gets ready for an unprecedented holiday 2020, it’s not just shoppers who are looking to go digital-first. Retail war rooms - traditionally a single large room where core IT and business teams gather together to ensure systems keep running, websites don’t crash and items stay in stock - are also looking different due […]
  • MLB uses Google Cloud Smart Analytics platform to scale data insights 23. oktober 2020
    Though 2020 has been a year like no other, many sports fans can take comfort in the fact that one of America’s fall traditions has continued: the World Series, baseball’s annual championship consumed by millions. This year, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays have split the first two games, setting us up for […]
  • Improving security and governance in PostgreSQL with Cloud SQL 23. oktober 2020
    Ensuring databases are securely managed is a crucial part of every organization’s critical operations. When those organizations rely on a managed service like Cloud SQL, a key benefit is consistency of management, including security policies that extend beyond a single service. Cloud SQL has continued to enhance its security capabilities. We've introduced VPC Service Controls […]
  • A giant list of Google Cloud resources 22. oktober 2020
    The growth of Google Cloud has been staggering.  If you’re a technical person that is trying to get plugged in, it can be hard tracking down all of the available online resources. I decided to invest some time in building you a comprehensive list. Even I was surprised at how long this list became by […]
  • Preparing for serverless big data open source software 22. oktober 2020
    Big data open source software (OSS) like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Presto, and others continue to become industry-standard in enterprise data lakes and big data architectures. As enterprises turn to on-prem OSS deployments to avoid vendor lock-in, lower costs, and harness the power of community innovation, they struggle to balance the requirements of the enterprise […]
  • Prepare for Google Cloud certification with one free month of new Professional Certificates on Coursera 22. oktober 2020
    Coursera, one of our training partners, is offering one month of no-cost access to our growing portfolio of six Google Cloud Professional Certificates until November 191 to help you develop your cloud knowledge and prepare for the official Google Cloud certification exams. Industry-recognized Google Cloud certifications help you validate your cloud expertise, elevate your career, […]
  • How AI uncovers important contract data 22. oktober 2020
    What happens to business contracts in an organization after signature? Usually, the answer is nothing. They sit in Gmail, Drive, or in a dedicated contract repository until, in rare cases, someone needs to recheck the agreement terms. At which point a scramble ensues to find the contract, read through it, and discover what exactly was […]
  • Mercari: Faster and more efficient development with the help of Google Cloud 22. oktober 2020
    A key part of launching and running services on a cloud platform is the support of experts that fully understand a customer’s unique challenges. At Google Cloud, we do this through Premium Support and Technical Account Management (TAM), which pairs Google engineers with customers to design effective cloud strategies and provide long-term support during implementation. In […]
  • Announcing the Google Maps Platform On-demand Rides & Deliveries solution 22. oktober 2020
    In 2018 we launched an initial ridesharing solution for in-app navigation to help companies around the world integrate Google Maps into their apps for reliable, real-time routing. Ride-hailing has grown significantly since then, and despite some challenges in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift in transportation appears to be here to stay. At the […]
  • Meeting the need for speed with a cloud data warehouse 21. oktober 2020
    In our work with Google Cloud customers, we hear great stories of growth, change, and cloud success. We worked closely with Trendyol Group, a fast-growing e-commerce company based in Turkey, on their data warehouse migration project. Trendyol employs about 2,000 people, and the company’s e-commerce site gets about 50 billion page views per year, 5 […]

RSS Azure

  • Quickly get started with samples in Azure Synapse Analytics 22. oktober 2020
    To further accelerate time to insight in Azure Synapse Analytics, we are introducing the Knowledge center to simplify access to pre-loaded sample data and to streamline the getting started process for data professionals.
    John Macintyre
  • Introducing the Microsoft Azure Modular Datacenter 20. oktober 2020
    The Microsoft Azure Modular Datacenter (MDC) is designed to support datacenter scale scenarios for humanitarian aid, disaster response, and other needs for high-intensity, secure cloud computing in challenging environments.
    Bill Karagounis
  • Solving IoT device security at scale through standards 19. oktober 2020
    Edge Compute Node protection profile (ECN PP)—now available—guides you to engineer, claim, evaluate, and consume device security for IoT.
    Eustace Asanghanwa
  • Gain real-time insights on Oracle E-Business Suite data with Azure and Incorta 15. oktober 2020
    To enable companies to gain real-time insights on the critical data in their Oracle E-Business Suite, we are announcing a new offer with Incorta that brings Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI, and Incorta together for end-to-end finance analytics.
    Daniel Yu
  • Zone Redundancy for Azure Cache for Redis now in preview 14. oktober 2020
    Between waves of pandemics, hurricanes, and wildfires, you don’t need cloud infrastructure adding to your list of worries this year. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to ensure your Azure deployments stay resilient. Availability Zones in particular are one of the best ways to mitigate risks from outages and disasters.
    Kyle Teegarden
  • Azure and Intel commit to delivering next generation confidential computing 14. oktober 2020
    Today, we are announcing that Azure will be an early adopter of the 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Platform, code named Ice Lake, which includes full memory encryption and accelerated cryptographic performance for confidential computing with Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX). When available next year, this technology will unlock even more confidential computing scenarios for our […]
    Mark Russinovich
  • Announcing advanced Azure Machine Learning Nanodegree program with Udacity 13. oktober 2020
    Earlier this year we announced a free ‘introduction to Machine Learning’ course with Udacity, empowering 10,000 scholars from all over the world to learn the basics of machine learning. Today, we announce the new Machine Learning Engineer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree Program on Udacity—students can now sign up and start taking this new Nanodegree.
    Julia White
  • Compete. Learn. Win. Sign up for the Azure SQL Championship Today 8. oktober 2020
    The last six months have seen an unprecedented acceleration in digital transformation. There has never been a more important time for DBAs and developers to prepare for an increasingly cloud-centric future. However, we’d like to make this interesting and fun.
    John 'JG' Chirapurath
  • Microsoft is a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management 8. oktober 2020
    We are excited to share that Microsoft has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management 2020 based on the ability to execute and completeness of vision. Our placement is a testament to our continued innovation in enterprise API management capabilities and broad customer adoption of Azure API […]
    Naga Surendran
  • Azure IoT Edge adds support for industrial environments to securely unlock value from manufacturing data 8. oktober 2020
    Around the world, customers are demonstrating the future of data-driven manufacturing. Dutch paint company AkzoNobel transformed from a manual operation to one focused on expanding a modern digital performance solution across its European factories. Swedish Manufacturer, Sandvik Coromant saw a 40 percent increase in engineering and operator productivity.
    Christoph Berlin