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  • A better, safer normal: Helping you modernize security in the cloud or in place 4. august 2020
    During the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations expected a slowdown in their digital transformation efforts. Instead, we saw many enterprises accelerate their use of cloud-based services to help them manage and address emerging priorities in the new normal, which includes a distributed workforce and new digital strategies. Today, to kick off our […]
  • Achieve least privilege with less effort using IAM Recommender 4. august 2020
    As cloud adoption grows, we’re seeing exponential growth in cloud resources. With this we’re also seeing growth in permissions, granted to humans and workloads, to access and change those resources. This introduces potential risks, including the misuse of privileges, that can compromise your organization’s security.To mitigate these risks, ideally every human or workload should only […]
  • Introducing CAS: Securing applications with private CAs and certificates 4. august 2020
    Digital certificates underpin identity and authentication for many networked devices and services. Recently, we’ve seen increased interest in using public key infrastructure (PKI) in DevOps and device management, particularly for IoT devices. But one of the most fundamental problems with PKI remains—it’s hard to set up Certificate Authorities (CA), and even harder to do it […]
  • Getting to know Looker: How LookML can simplify BI workflows 3. august 2020
    Business intelligence workflows at any organization can help the business make better decisions, like where to expand your company and how to most effectively deploy your resources. My work as a data analyst, open data advocate, and former lead of the Google Cloud Public Datasets Program has given me a broad view into how data […]
  • Session guide: Get the most out of Next OnAir Security Week 3. august 2020
    With new threats, constantly evolving regulations, and the need to secure increasingly decentralized environments, keeping your organization safe and compliant keeps getting more complex. This year, COVID-19 has impacted all of us in multiple ways—including in how we think about and manage security. Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir has a range of sessions on ways we […]
  • Google Cloud AI and Harvard Global Health Institute Collaborate on new COVID-19 forecasting model 3. august 2020
    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the world, from changing the way we live to driving extraordinary acts of human compassion. Nowhere have both the disruption and perseverance been more evident than among the front-line workers who continue to respond tirelessly.In partnership with the Harvard Global Health Institute, Google Cloud is releasing […]
  • Infrastructure for all: What happened at Next OnAir this week 31. juli 2020
    Week three of Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir was all about our best-in-class cloud infrastructure, and how to use it to easily run your most demanding applications. From opening remarks from VP of Cloud Infrastructure Brad Calder, Networking GM Shailesh Shukla, and Compute GM June Yang, to deep dives from Google Cloud experts, to breakout […]
  • New features and resources that help make the business case to switch to Chrome Enterprise 31. juli 2020
    Whether their businesses are making strategic shifts or supporting a growing remote workforce, IT departments have been the stabilizing force keeping workers productive, secure, and happy in 2020. And many rely on the cloud to help them reduce high-maintenance infrastructure, enable flexible working environments, and maintain the highest level of security for their employees. According […]
  • Cloud Run adds support for gradual rollouts and rollbacks 30. juli 2020
    Like all developers, you want the confidence that your next deployment will be healthy.But deploying immediately to 100% of the traffic can be risky in the event something goes wrong. A best practice is to roll out changes gradually and observe any regressions or errors that might occur in the new version of the code. […]
  • Security, privacy, and compliance resources for Healthcare and Life Sciences customers 30. juli 2020
    In response to the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, the healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) industry has entered a cycle of rapid transformation and innovation. Healthcare providers are  working overtime to provide the best and most efficient care possible, protect employees, and streamline business operations. Google Cloud has partnered with many of our healthcare […]

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  • Azure Cost Management + Billing updates – July 2020 29. juli 2020
    July introduces new options to drill into your cost data, save on Azure VMs and Data Lake storage, as well as new videos for even more cost-saving tips and tricks.
    Michael Flanakin
  • Monitoring Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes and servers 28. juli 2020
    Azure Arc is a preview service that enables users to create and attach Kubernetes clusters both inside and outside of Azure. Azure Arc also enables the user to manage Windows and Linux machines outside of Azure the same way native Azure Virtual Machines are managed.
    Auston Li
  • Three reasons to migrate your ASP.NET apps and SQL Server data to Azure 28. juli 2020
    The way we work and live has changed. Over the last several months, enterprises have had to shift their strategy from physical first to digital first and accelerate their digital transformation to enable remote productivity, reduce costs, or rapidly address new opportunities.
    Naga Surendran
  • Eight ways to optimize costs on Azure SQL 28. juli 2020
    Across the globe, businesses are emerging into a new normal, eager to restart or rebuild, but still operating in uncertain times. Optimizing costs and redirecting the spend to where it matters most is as important as ever, and many companies see the cloud as a way to control costs, build resilience and accelerate time to […]
    John 'JG' Chirapurath
  • Creating cloud ready environments with Azure landing zones 28. juli 2020
    Azure landing zones in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure are designed to accelerate efforts to map, modernize, or even reimagine the operating model. Azure landing zones help build a cloud environment aligned to the optimal technology operations specific to your needs in the cloud.
    Erin Rifkin
  • New Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities now generally available 27. juli 2020
    With the global pandemic, customers are relying on remote work more than ever, and Windows Virtual Desktop is helping customers rapidly deliver a secure Windows 10 desktop experience to their users.
    Kam VedBrat
  • NFS 3.0 support for Azure Blob storage is now in preview 27. juli 2020
    To enable customers to run NFS based applications at scale, we are announcing the preview of NFS 3.0 protocol support for Azure Blob storage.
    Yuan Zheng
  • Advancing resilience through chaos engineering and fault injection 27. juli 2020
    This post is designed to get you thinking about how best to validate typical failure conditions, including examples of how we at Microsoft validate our own systems.
    Mark Russinovich
  • Aiming for more than just net zero 27. juli 2020
    Many companies are reaching for net zero emissions, but we’re taking it even further.
    Noelle Walsh
  • Fully managed HashiCorp Consul Service generally available on Azure today 23. juli 2020
    HashiCorp Consul Service (HCS) on Azure enables Azure users to natively provision Consul servers in any supported Azure region directly through the Azure Marketplace.
    Brendan Burns